Private Dining

We offer private dining on request at our home for a minimum of 6-10 guests

You can join Gerda’s Table for a unique food and wine dining experience. At Gerda’s Table we celebrate local food and wine in our private wine cellar and guests enjoy a celebratory, beautifully set dinner or leisurely lunch experiencing the tastes of the West coast. We specialize in fish, oysters and mussels all from our pristine and clear waters of the Atlantic ocean.

A word about the experience

An indulgent 4 course meal with wine

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High quality meat, cheese, olives, herbs and vegetables are sourced locally and when in season one can also get the local crayfish on your plate. Private dining needs to be booked 48 hours in advance.

Should you wish to host your own party we offer a Long table experience that can be booked for up to 20 people. This Long table can be in any of our many beautiful locations featuring magnificent settings and views. We make it special whatever you wish to celebrate!

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